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Brenda Shaw said:   June 17, 2010 4:03 am PST
Terri, I am so amazed and blessed by your music. I had listened to a few of your songs and thought they were great. This morning I sat and listened to the preview of all the songs. You did an amazing job; you are a wonderful Christian, wife, mother and grandmother. God Bless You for being such an inspiration to so many and a brave woman.

Asley Lazarescu said:   May 24, 2010 4:04 pm PST
Those songs are very touching. It gives people an idea of what military families go through. Thank you for writing those songs, I love them. I want to say thank you to all military personel serving our country. De Opresso Liber.

Lora Young said:   March 10, 2010 5:11 am PST
Terri, WOW! Your songs touched us all! What wonderful lyrics and music. You will touch so many people! Chasen wants me to call Oprah, quick!!!!

Dave said:   January 30, 2010 5:06 am PST
I met your "Warrior" this past week in a little village in a far off land while we were conducting operations. He later told us about you and your music. Well, he was right. It is awesome!!! We could not believe how you had captured the things we live. It is obvious that you have lived the life and understand what we do and how our families feel. Thank you for your gift to Special Operations. We owe you so much! When are you releasing the complete album? We also want the "T Shirt" to go along with it. Thank you for everything! Dave and the Guys over here

Fran Petherick said:   November 27, 2009 9:55 am PST
Hey there I am so proud of you. Where have you been? MOM#2

COL Bob Shaw said:   November 3, 2009 5:58 am PST
Terri, Your songs touch my heart and make me proud to be your friend and an American Soldier. Thank You for all you do for us!

Vernon Clark said:   October 26, 2009 10:06 am PST
Garrett sent me to your page as I was an Air Force TACP, and Security Specialist, Retired after 22 years. Thanks.

Lori Dellaverson said:   October 21, 2009 10:24 pm PST
Great song it's awsome!!

John JP Paul said:   October 20, 2009 5:08 am PST
Great job Terri, song is awesome, keep it up and you sound great too

Scott H. said:   October 11, 2009 11:57 pm PST
Terri, I am deployed with SOF right now and just heard Warriors in the Night. Incredible is all we can say about it over here where we are. We play it everyday before we go outside the wire. You have song about the very things we do each and everyday here! My team is excited about your other songs and will be waiting on you to release them but in the meantime we will be listening to a sheer work of truth and inspiration!!! Thank you for your gift to our community and for you and your family's service to our country. De Opresso Liber

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